Rain Wi-Fi
by Tele2
Free internet

by rain

Get free Internet from St. Petersburg rain!

In our city there are many places where there is not enough good Internet, but the rain just enough. It was there that Tele2 will install unique 4G routers that runs on the energy of the rain. A location for the installation of devices you can choose for yourself!

Most popular locations
Most popular locations
We invented a rain powered 4G-router, that shares free Wi-Fi internet
For the one of the most rainy cities of Russia – Saint Petersburg – where the average amount of rainy days per year reaches
almost 200, Tele2 invented a rain powered 4G-router that provides people with free Wi-Fi
when they are caught in the rain.
Have fun
when it rains!
See Rain Wi-Fi launch photos here.
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Rainy weather won't get you upset again!
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