Rain Wi-Fi
by Tele2
Free internet

by rain
We invented a rain powered 4G-router, that shares free Wi-Fi internet
For the one of the most rainy cities of Russia – Saint Petersburg – where the average amount of rainy days per year reaches
almost 200, Tele2 invented a rain powered 4G-router that provides people with free Wi-Fi
when they are caught in the rain.
Here comes
the Rain Wi-Fi
The first rain, that won’t get you down!
Get free 4G-internet with Rain Wi-Fi
from Tele2 in the creative cluster
Golitsyn Loft
Nab. Reky Fontanky 20, St Petersburg
Have fun when it rains!
Connect to Rain Wi-Fi from Tele2 and get top content from our partners.
Watch great reels from National Geographic and rainy weather will not make you sad again!